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Swim. Bike. Run. Better.

If you want results, you have to

Stop Exercising


Start Training!

Whatever your triathlon goals may be, Coach JB can help you reach them. From the newbie who's just caught the bug to the seasoned veteran with nothing but a Kona PR on their mind, he can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Hiring a coach can be an intimidating process full of unknowns. Because of this, Coach JB is committed to helping make the process easier and is eager to have an easy chat anytime to get your questions answered. When you're ready to take the first step towards realizing your potential, click the link below and let's get started!

Individual Coaching

You've got goals and you want to know the most efficient way to reach them. You have a can-do attitude and want to be the best you can be in all facets of life. You want to be able to get your questions answered, be prepared for more than just the swim, bike, and run parts of your race, and want to be able to adapt your training to life's events.

Custom Training Plans

You've got "Keep it simple" written all over you. You can stick to a training plan and realize the training benefits of being consistent and staying disciplined. You may be better or worse at one particular event and want a custom training plan that is catered to making the most of your strengths and reducing your weaknesses on race day.

Instructional Clinics

You love the sport of triathlon but it's just one of many of life's little joys for you and you are interested in improving particular elements of your performance as you see fit with your limited time. You may want to have a professional help you fix your freestyle form, need to learn how to change a flat tire quickly and confidently on race day, or want to learn from others in group sessions led by a coach who knows this sport inside and out.